Thursday, March 7, 2013

Being Whole

"I'd rather be whole than good, cause to be whole is to embrace the totality of yourself"  Carl Jung

I love this quote by Carl Jung!

As we go through life, we are faced, often on a daily basis with decisions.   Not all of them are life and death decisions, but each one holds consequences.  Some of the decisions we make in life harm our bodies; harm our minds and some go right to our souls.  The negative life choices can cause us great pain in life.  I have learned to see that my negative and positive choices of the past have made me who I am today, and so, I see them as great gifts.

This quote reminds us that we are all human and that we are connected by our experiences in life.  Our experiences are not meant to make us "feel bad" or live with regret.  Rather, they are set before us in life to help us grow in our humanity.  If we can accept ourselves... our "good" and our "bad", we can find compassion for all of life.  However, that compassion begins with our own selves.  If we pick and choose the things that we like about ourselves, we begin to reject certain areas of our lives and this leads to separation from our self.  If we can find the strength and bravery to accept all of our sides, light and dark, we can become whole.

I'm sure you have heard that others are a mirror to ourself.  As you make judgements about others (and we all do), learn to take note as to what bothers you about that person.  Do they talk too loud, are they too skinny, too fat, do they make too much money, is there house too big, or do they just think they are hot ----?  I guarantee you that whatever it is in them that you don't like, you either carry that characteristic or are fearful of something about the traits you see.  As you come to awareness of  this, be particularly careful not to judge yourself.  It is in accepting yourself fully that you can experience wholeness.  

In Gratitude,    Suzanne

Peace in your community; peace in your home and peace in your heart.

Suzanne Nicklas, RN, E-RYT, HHC, is owner of Shanti Yoga Studio in Troy, NY and is a Registered Nurse, Registered Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach.  She holds workshops on wellness and stress management and also offers corporate classes and workshops.  You may contact her at or visit

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