Monday, February 25, 2013

Attitude Shmattitude

Resistance to change is found in many ways.  Our attitudinal choices and beliefs can make a huge difference in the way we see life and how we experience our lives and health.

As an example, I often encourage my clients to begin their day with a glass of lemon water.  Some insist that it is the most disgusting idea since colonics.  With the proper attitude you can enjoy, even look forward to your lemon water.  I choose to see the lovely lemon water as a wonderful elixir which goes into my body and draws out all of the toxins that my body does not need.  It wakes me up even more than a cup of joe!

With a simple attitude shift we can make the changes we need to make in life with minimal discomfort.

Attitude is a choice.  It is seeing the cup half empty or half full.  We have all encountered the negative nelly who can't even look at a baby and see the beauty and smile.  Don't become this person... make a different choice.  Choose joy over sadness; choose hope over despair; choose life over mere survival.

Obviously there are events in life which can temporarily take our choices away, as in extreme sadness or loss.  However, in the day to day, we do have this choice.  Why not make the choice today to be positive and live a more balanced, healthy life?

Our beliefs and our attitudes are what prohibit us from making needed and lasting change in our lives.  These beliefs keep us from happiness and keep up from our god given gift of joy.  Some of these beliefs have manifested since our early childhood and are nasty little buggers to deal with or transform.  The first step is in identifying what attitudes and beliefs are holding you back in life.  From there we must rewrite the past and banish the false beliefs.  Here is an example... I grew up with brown hair and brown eyes.  In my very Italian family of origin, blond hair and blue eyes were a mark of great beauty.  I grew up feeling less than pretty due to this false belief.  Now these beliefs run much deeper than this and can cause great pain.  Do you struggle with not being good enough; smart enough; rich enough; worthy enough... fill in the blank.  Learn to identify your false beliefs.  Replace them with a new truth and make it your mantra until it sinks into that beautiful soul of yours.

From there comes the real transformation and change!

In Gratitude,    Suzanne

Peace in your community; peace in your home and peace in your heart.

Suzanne Nicklas, RN, E-RYT, HHC, is owner of Shanti Yoga Studio in Troy, NY and is a Registered Nurse, Registered Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach.  She holds workshops on wellness and stress management and also offers corporate classes and workshops.  You may contact her at or visit


  1. love it!! definitely going to try the lemon water tomorrow morning :) and look at it as a glass half full!