Thursday, February 21, 2013

Welcome to Health, Wellness and Yoga!

My name is Suzanne Nicklas. I am a Registered Nurse, a certified Holistic Health Coach, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and owner of Shanti Yoga Studio in Troy. This blog will be about everything health, wellness and yoga.

I'm excited to share tidbits of information from my medical background and holistic health background. Yoga is a particular love of mine and I will be sharing philosophy as well as my own personal insights into the practice.

Stay tuned for a wealth of information including fun and healthy recipes, how to relieve stress, yoga tips and tricks, and healthy lifestyle recommendations.

I would love this to be a space where you can share your ideas in the comments and hopefully we can learn from each other in the process! Read with an open heart and playful spirit.

Peace in your community, peace in your home, and peace in your heart.


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